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Monday , November 14 , 2011
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Brash and impulsive single mother of one. Moved from her stuck-up native planet of Nordia to start a brand new life on Forbez.
Polar opposite of his mother, Nok. Disciplined, studious, and uncorrupted (so far).
Young Nomadite who hates being a Nomadite. He is married to Romanna, and must carry around a small plant where ever he goes. He befriends Par and idolizes his single mother Nok.
A text-book example of a young Nomadite girl. Mature, hard-working, and responsible. Not yet 8 years old, she already holds an after school job as a waitress in a mall restaurant.
Shy young Nordian who attends the same school as Par. Being a Nord she is constantly bullied and harassed by her fellow classmates. Par tries to befriend her and semi-succeeds.
Like other Daeganites Navine abhors the Nomadites' backward customs and will take any opportunity to give them grief.
Young Omni who is neighbors with Par. His civilization currently rules over the galaxy. Like other Omnies he views the other alien races as inferior to the Omni race.


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